Help and Advice

At Cornwall Care we believe it's important that our clients, staff and relatives feel supported throughout the time that they are with us.


Finding the right care home for you

We appreciate that choosing the right home can be difficult.
Having worked with many families over the years, we know how upsetting and frightening moving into a new home can be, especially for those that are unwell and would rather stay at home, which is why we are here to help from the very beginning.


Getting advice on what options there are is the first big step

Our care home managers meet people who are in need of care or respite every day. We understand what a difficult time it can be and we are always happy to talk to anyone considering different care options and answer any questions you may have.

Free Guides

Here are some useful guides from Alzheimer's Society.

Alzheimer's Society factsheets cover a wide range of dementia-related topics, offering information and advice for caregivers, people considering care options and individuals who are considering joining the care profession.

alzhiemers society logo.jpg Select one of the PDFs below to download: