Meet the team

Our Staff

At Cornwall Care all our staff share the same dedication, focus and passion to give quality care to our clients.

Fully trained to be able to care for and understand the lives of people with varying disabilities and conditions, our staff are committed to supporting their clients and promoting their independence, developing their knowledge so they can give the most effective and loving care possible.

Our in-house award-winning training ensures that all our staff teams are fully qualified, professional people with a genuinely caring, respectful and sensitive approach.

Our Home Care staff provide support to individuals across Cornwall, helping them to remain independent in their own homes and specialising their skills to suit the individuals that they care for. Our Supported Living staff train to fit the needs of the person they are supporting and our Flexicare team are trained to provide support across all our services.


Robert Black

Chief Executive

Robert is our Chief Executive at Cornwall Care, which he joined as Operations Director in 2015. He brings over 30 years’ experience in the Health and Social Care sector, working in public, for profit and not for profit organisations. Robert is a dual Registered Nurse and completed an MBA in 2004. Robert has operated at Director Level for over 20 years with responsibility for large multi-site portfolios of care services. For Robert it is very important to deliver what we promise.

Stephen Clague

Finance Director

Stephen joined Cornwall Care as Finance Director in May 2016. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and has more than 20 years’ experience in senior finance roles in sectors such as retail, services offices and IT within Health and Social Care. On a personal level, he has experience of working with social care providers having looked after two siblings with his wife for almost 5 years, is an adoptive father as well as a parent to a disabled child. 

Angie Cavanagh

Head of Human Resources

Angie ensures that the needs and dignity of the people we care for drive all HR decisions and initiatives. She has been responsible for supporting Cornwall Care’s business policies and philosophy of care since 2005. As well as managing the payroll, she works closely with managers at all levels to play a key role in looking after the welfare and efficiency of our workforce.

Alex Davies

Head of Marketing and PR

Alex joined Cornwall Care as Head of Marketing and PR in 2013. She has over 10 years’ experience in marketing both the private and public sectors and has various qualifications in related fields. This includes a degree in Psychology and Information Technology as well as AAT and MCIM qualifications. Alex oversees all creation and development aspects of all marketing and sales channels. Experienced in online competitive and social advantage through successful management of all web functions including strategic development, direct and email marketing, CRM, affiliate marketing, e commerce and brand management. Alex is married and has two children.

William John

Head of Property

William joined Cornwall Care as Head of Property in May 2008.  He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has more than 20 years’ experience in property in sectors such as industrial, office and residential.  William personally oversees all acquisitions, disposal and development work whilst working closely with the Estates Team who maintain the current care homes.

Kim Pankhurst

Head of Quality Improvement and Assurance

Kim joined Cornwall Care in 2016 as the Head of Quality Improvement and Assurance. She is new to care so her learning curve has been amazing. Before that Kim was on maternity leave, looking after her second son and training as a primary school teacher. Kim came from Nottingham where she had been the Assistant Principal for Quality. Her responsibilities included strategic direction, curriculum development, quality systems and learner involvement. She has lived and worked in Birmingham and London and spent a year circumnavigating the globe. She is also a trained Stage Manager, Lighting Designer and Sound Engineer.


Our Training & Development


We are nationally recommended and awarded for our training and career development and we are committed to helping our staff achieve the qualifications they need to reach their career goals.
We know how important it is to understand our residents and their illnesses, particularly dementia and mental health which can so often be misunderstood, which is why we ensure that not only are our staff fully trained to take on their own role, but we ensure that all staff are trained in dementia care and ethics.

Many of our care and support staff are also trained and developed to suit the needs of the individual they care for, specialising their care knowledge to fit the care that individual requires and conducting further research and studies to benefit that person. Some of our carers really go all out – we know one that learned a bit of Chinese, just so that she could sing Happy Birthday in her client’s mother tongue!

We actively encourage our staff to learn more skills and to keep their knowledge up-to-date and are committed to supporting them throughout their career development.

Our Rewards

We feel it’s really important to reward staff for their dedication and hard work.

For a long time now we have been running a scheme called ‘My Moments’ which rewards staff for their incredible achievements and moments with a gift and a presentation by their colleagues. To receive a ‘My Moments’ award staff are nominated by their colleagues anonymously, so the awards are a great surprise!

In March 2016 we also opened our first-ever Cornwall Care Outstanding Staff Awards where staff were nominated for a variety of care and management awards and judged by a panel of external experts who presented the awards on the day.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities at Cornwall Care.

Our staff are as diverse and individual as our residents are. We have nurses and carers from all across the world and enjoy a variety of personalities and characters within our teams. We encourage our employees to treat one another and those we care for with honesty and respect, ensuring they are all given choices of activities and entertainment to suit them and that no one is left out.