Covid-19 Related FAQs

What precautions do you have in place to keep your homes COVID clear?

Our admissions process during the current pandemic is as follows: 

  • Initial assessment – we review 14 areas of care to ensure an individual’s needs can be met in terms of the home’s environment, equipment and staff capacity.
  • COVID swab test – all new admissions, whether from hospital or the community, are tested for COVID-19.
  • 14 days isolation – all new admissions, as well as existing residents returning from hospital, are barrier nursed in isolation for 14 days to reduce cross-infection risks. 

Our homes are closed to non-essential visitors and all staff use personal protection equipment (PPE) whilst providing care.

The safety of our residents and staff is paramount and we adhere to strict public health guidelines. 

Finance Related FAQs

How much does it cost?

The cost of each person’s placement is calculated after completion of an initial assessment which reviews 14 areas of care and provides clinical evidence for dependencies and care required. The price quoted includes the home’s base rate fee and a breakdown of additional care costs. Our 2020 home base rate fees can be viewed here.

What is included in the fees?

All care and non-care associated costs. These include staffing for domestic, laundry and maintenance provision, utilities (gas, electric/water), food, furniture and equipment.

Examples of items not included are personal newspapers, chiropody or hairdressing services.

Click here for further details. 

Do you accept local authority rates?

Yes – we accept placement requests from both local authority and health organisations. The assessment and costing processes are exactly the same. If a placement is being funded by commissioners, an allocated worker will liaise directly with Cornwall Care’s Client and Partnership Department to agree funding and ensure contracts are in place prior to admission. Placement costs are assessed and delivered exactly the same way no matter the funding source.

What happens if funds run out?

Residents can continue living in a Cornwall Care home after their funds reach the threshold set by Government – please click here for information.

The home’s registered manager and administration staff will help with the application process for ongoing funding support.

General FAQs

What are your visiting hours?

Due to the pandemic, we are closed to visitors. We follow government guidelines and regularly update family and friends on any changes. Our current arrangements include:

  • Arranging video and phone calls. 
  • Sending out weekly newsletters and other correspondence.
  • Posting daily on the Cornwall Care Facebook page.
  • Organising window and socially distanced outdoor meetings as appropriate and by appointment only.

Do you accept couples?

Absolutely! We have many couples who have made our homes their own. Each resident is allocated their own room and, if facilities and assessments indicate it is safe, appropriate and there is space to do so, couples can choose to sleep in the same room and allocate their second room as a private lounge or dining area.

What happens if care needs to change?

We understand that the needs of our residents can change over time. Assessments are completed prior to admission, 4 weeks from a person’s admission date and every 6 months during their residency to ensure placement costs and care provision always meets an individual’s needs.

When clinical evidence shows that additional care is required, associated costs will be discussed and agreed with the appropriate contact. 

Can residents bring their own furniture?

Yes, residents often ask if they can bring personal items with them. Each request is considered on the basis of space and risk in terms of falls or fire hazard, but we will always do our best to accommodate much-loved possessions.

We also work with residents to ensure their rooms are furnished and decorated to their own personal taste and liking.

Are toiletries provided?

No, toiletries are personal and we encourage residents to choose their own from our shops and trollies.

Are towels and linen provided?

Yes, all towels, linen and laundry services are provided as part of the placement fee. Residents can bring their own bedding or use the home’s supply.

Personal items need to be clearly marked to assist our domestic team.

How are religious beliefs supported?

Each of our homes has an activities co-ordinator who organises a weekly timetable of events that includes religious ceremonies and celebrations.

We also work closely with local churches and religious groups to support residents with their beliefs. 

Are care plans accessible?

Yes, care plans are reviewed monthly and are accessible to anyone authorised to view them.

All Cornwall Care homes use Nourish, a digital care plan platform that records all interactions with our residents on a daily basis. 

Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

Yes, our kitchen teams take great pride in providing nutritionally balanced menus. All dietary requirements are regularly reviewed and catered for – ensuring something for everyone. Please click here for a sample menu.

Is alcohol allowed and is there an additional cost?

Yes, alcohol is available within our homes for those unlikely to be adversely affected by its consumption and where a best interest is not deemed to restrict access to alcohol.

There is no additional cost for alcoholic drinks served as part of home celebrations or communal activities. 

Who can I talk to for additional information?

Our client and partnership team are happy to answer enquiries Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Please call them on 01872 597770.

We understand that navigating care can be daunting and are very happy to provide guidance and support.