68th Wedding Anniversary at Chyvarhas

68th Wedding Anniversary at Chyvarhas

Posted by admin on March 14,2017

Valerie and Glen Kellow had a beautiful day celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary at Chyvarhas, our nursing home in Callington, recently.

86-year-old resident Mrs Valerie Kellow celebrated the years with her husband Glen, enjoying an intimate tea party at Chyvarhas. Some gorgeous flowers were given to Valerie, together with gifts from some of the staff. Natalie in the kitchen – who staff say “would give anyone in the Great British Bake Off a run for their money” – made a delicious cake for the couple, which was also shared around the other residents.

Mark, the Chyvarhas nurse, serenaded them with a love song, much to their delight.

Helen Lepper, Receptionist at Chyvarhas described the day as “a lovely celebration enjoyed not just by the wonderful couple but our other residents and staff also.”

Glen Kellow, when asked about the celebrations, said “Thank you all for the wonderful afternoon you gave me and my wife Valerie, we really enjoyed the buffet and cake.” He continued saying, “In addition to this, we were treated to a song from Mark, who has a fine voice! It was really considerate of you all to be so kind, taking the time and the trouble in providing such a nice day on our 68th wedding anniversary, which I am sure was enjoyed by all.”

At Cornwall Care, it is important that special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays of residents are honoured and celebrated.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for the manner in which you have looked after Valerie since she has been in Chyvarhas,” Glen added. “To know she is being well cared for is a great comfort to me.”

Making an effort to make every day special really goes a long way.

Congratulations, Valerie And Glen!

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Glen and Valerie Kellow celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary