Betty's 100th birthday

Betty's 100th birthday

Posted by admin on January 9,2017

Betty Oliver celebrated her 100th birthday at Blackwood recently, where our home staff made the day exactly what she wanted.

On her 100th birthday, Betty wasn't really interested in celebrating. She fancied 'pulling a sicky' for her birthday, so the celebrations were held off until the next day.

After Betty had enjoyed her 'sick day', staff pulled everything together again so she could celebrate. When she opened her cards, she was completely overwhelmed with gratitude and was very emotional. It was a very special moment for everyone involved.

Betty loved receiving her telegram from the Queen and was delighted by her gifts.

Turning 100 is the biggest birthday milestone any of us can hope for - and Betty's beam says it all - it was a truly special day enjoyed by all.

We wish Betty all the best for many more fabulous birthdays to come.

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