A career you can depend on

A career you can depend on

Posted by user on September 10,2020

By Anne Thomas, CEO

Cornwall Care is a charity that employs a lot of people – around 1500 at the moment. Whilst the pandemic is negatively impacting many organisations and businesses, we are actively recruiting.

Many of our staff have been with us for years, enjoying a career structure that reaps financial stability, added benefits, job satisfaction and promotion opportunities. In partnership with Cornwall College, we have developed our own training academy and have a successful system in place that encourages ambition and rewards excellence. 

We have appointed a Head of Workforce whose focus is to ensure every individual member of staff has their own career development programme. We’re also moving into an exciting programme of growth – developing our community and bed-based services to provide seamless packages of care for individuals whose needs change and often become more complex.

Our COVID legacy is that our staff are skilled, resilient, brave and dependable, putting the people they care for first. Having adapted to a completely different environment, they react quickly and effectively to changing public health advice and understand how to support people who cannot spend time with family and friends.

Whether caring for someone who can no longer look after themselves, cooking meals, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment, nursing, making sure the wheels of administration are running smoothly or managing one of the many varied aspects of our business, every member of our care team is making life better. That’s what makes us tick.

So, if you are considering a career change that offers job satisfaction and magic moments, I’d strongly advise care as an option. It’s a career you can depend on.