Cedar Grange Home Improvements

Cedar Grange Home Improvements

Posted by admin on May 25,2016

Over the last year or so we have been working really hard to improve our homes and services, renovating many of our suites and introducing new areas for our residents and their loved ones to enjoy.

At Cedar Grange, our nursing home in Launceston, we have been busy introducing new areas of engagement and entertainment for our residents.

One of our improvements is the addition of an ‘Activities Corner’, where families and visitors can come and collect an Activity Pack when they visit and use it with their loved ones.

At Cornwall Care we believe activity is a really important part of the day; getting involved and engaging in a craft or game can not only help exercise the mind and body but can potentially bring back memories of past fun too.

The Activities Corner at Cedar Grange offers a variety of fun activities, including cards and Uno, knitting and sewing materials, reminiscence cards, picture cards, talking photo albums, colouring books, war time memorabilia, board games, life story books and more. We have found it very useful for starting conversations between residents and their loved ones and we believe it is a great way of creating a meaningful and enjoyable visit.



We have also recently renovated the kitchen in our Chapman Suite..!

We are very pleased to say that our new vintage retro kitchen (designed and styled by Kenzie Watson) is proving to be a huge success. It is a lovely space to spend time in and really brings you back to the ‘old days’. Our residents are really enjoying it which is very heart-warming for us to see.

We are delighted at how the Chapman Suite kitchen and Activities Corner have turned out and we look forward to seeing more improvements over the rest of this year!