Chyvarhas go blackberry picking

Chyvarhas go blackberry picking

Posted by admin on June 30,2017

Residents at Chyvarhas made the most of August’s sparse sunshine by venturing out to find and forage fresh blackberries. Four managed to pick enough for others to prepare an apple and blackberry crumble to have for their pudding that evening!

As well as bringing those who got involved to the present day (what with the ripeness of blackberries peaking in August ) many helpers looked back as they shared stories of foraging with friends and family in harder times when sweet foods were not always available.

All senses were catered for as residents mucked in to prepare their dessert: the display of many busy hands working with familiar ingredients, the sounds and sensations from peeling apples and rubbing butter into flour, the smell as the crumble was served up before many who chose it, and lastly the taste as the fresh flavours danced on their tongues.

It’s a pleasure to watch residents take control of activities. To see residents perform and interact with confidence and pride, smile, chat and laugh together is a reminder of why we try to deliver equal access to meaningful activities to all of Cornwall Care’s clients.

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