A typical week at Chyvarhas

A typical week at Chyvarhas

Posted by admin on January 21,2020

Chyvarhas Jan News-4.jpgHere are some of the activities we enjoyed in week three of January.

On Monday afternoon we had a baking session and made shortbread. This was great fun and the residents really enjoyed themselves. The shortbread was simply yummy!

On Tuesday we had a visit from the lovely Mandy who came to perform for our residents. She was such a hit last time we invited Mandy back a second time which pleased our residents no end. Some of our residents were cheeky and wanted a selfie which was fine by us, we all like a selfie!

On Thursday we had a pet therapy session. Milo the whippet visited our residents and brought smiles to all those who came into contact with him. In the afternoon we had a boogie listening to all the classic tunes we know and love.

On Friday we took a trip outside. ‘Team Chy’ went on our travels and took our residents shopping to help bag themselves a few goodies for the weekend.

Throughout the week, we carried on with our ‘life story book’ sessions. Life story work is an activity in which the person is supported by staff and family members to gather and review their past life events and build a personal biography. It is used to help the person understand their past experiences and how they have coped with events in their life. Life story work can help encourage better communication and an understanding of the person’s needs and wishes. This can inform their care and ensure that it is provided in a positive and person-centred way.

Everyone works so hard here at Chyvarhas and the smiles from the residents are our biggest rewards. We love to see our residents happy and engaged. They enjoy having things to do during the day and it gives them a chance to socialise with the other residents too.

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