Cornwall Care's 500 Dementia Friends

Cornwall Care's 500 Dementia Friends

Posted by admin on February 8,2017

im a dementia friend.jpgWe are delighted to announce that in 2016, 500 staff members attended our Dementia Friends sessions.

We believe that raising awareness and learning more about dementia is vital for the health of our communities. With an increasing elderly population in Cornwall, it is important to understand what it is like to live with dementia, so we can support those who live around us.

Whether you work in care or not, understanding dementia and what it is like to have the condition is invaluable. There are various different types of dementia; it is not a natural part of aging, it can happen at any age, as part of several conditions. Understanding these differences really can change lives.

What is a Dementia Friend?

A Dementia Friend learns a little bit more about what it's like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action - anyone of any age can be a Dementia Friend.

Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. From telling friends about dementia or visiting someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.

How you can turn understanding into action

After the Dementia Friends Information Session, Dementia Friends would like you to tell them about how you are going to turn your understanding of dementia into a practical action. You don't have to commit to doing something time-consuming. Every action counts.

Dementia Friends actions could include:

  • Getting in touch and staying in touch with someone you know living with dementia
  • Volunteering for an organisation that helps people with dementia
  • Campaigning for change, e.g. by signing up to Alzheimer's Society's campaigns to improve the lives of people living with dementia
  • Wearing your badge and telling 5 friends about the Dementia Friends initiative
  • Carrying out a personal action e.g. being more patient when out in the community

You can then log into your Dementia Friends account to tell them your action.

Cornwall Care is proud to work with and support Alzheimer's Society and the Dementia Friends initiative.

How you can become a Dementia Friend

Information Sessions

Dementia Friends Information Sessions are run by volunteer Dementia Friends Champions, who are trained and supported by Alzheimer's Society. Each Information Session lasts around one hour. You will learn more about dementia and how you can help to create dementia friendly communities. There are information sessions running across England and Wales. If you would like to book into a session, please visit their website here.

Online Video

You can also become a Dementia Friend by watching the Dementia Friends online video, where you will meet Gina who is living with dementia and learn more about what it is like to live with the condition. Once you have watched the video you can sign up for your 'Little Book of Friendship', a resource pack which contains more information and tips on how we can support those living with dementia to feel a part of our communities.

CO Dementia Friends May 2016