Staff go the extra mile in adverse weather conditions

Staff go the extra mile in adverse weather conditions

Posted by admin on February 4,2019

Anne Thomas, CEO of Cornwall Care, thanks amazing staff for providing extraordinary care for clients and residents. When snow hit Cornwall, it was all hands on deck, this is what Anne said:

When adverse weather hits, it really does show how amazing you all are; you still travel to provide care to our residents in our homes and our clients in their own homes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to provide excellent care. I would also like to share some amazing stories with you that I have received so far:

Supportive Lifestyles staff have not only stayed “on shift” to continue to provide care to our Supportive Lifestyles clients but have also stayed in our homes and helped to cover shifts. They have walked and driven in treacherous conditions to provide cover for colleagues and ensure our clients have excellent care.

When a bus was stranded in Callington and there was an elderly couple onboard (in their 80’s), Chyvarhas invited them to stay overnight with staff looking after them until they can safely travel today. Chyvarhas also provided hot beverages and snacks to other passengers before they were able to go to a local pub.

A local farmer went to St Breock to help clear the snow and ice to assist staff to go home and to arrive for shifts. Staff at more than one home have stayed overnight to work their shifts and ensure our residents continue to receive excellent care. A nurse continued to work over her normal hours to ensure our clients were safe and received their medication. When a member of staff at Woodlands holiday was cancelled by the airline, she went into work to support her colleagues and to provide care to our residents. Other members of staff have assisted with driving colleagues to and from their own homes to enable them to work their shifts.

These are just the stories I have received so far and I am sure there are many more – I’d love to hear them. Thank you to everyone for not only continuing to provide excellent care but for going the extra mile to support others; you truly demonstrate the WE CARE values.

Thank you to all staff who provided such excellent care in adverse weather conditions.