Eating well at Penberthy

Eating well at Penberthy

Queens bday cake.jpgWhen it comes to food, residents at Penberthy care home in Newquay enjoy the very best.

Recent St George’s Day and royal birthday celebrations saw them tuck into a feast of patriotic goodies – thanks to the home’s dedicated culinary team.

Led by chef Pete Stone who started his career in a Park Lane restaurant, the trio of catering staff love nothing better than creating appetising treats.

“I moved to Newquay with my family ten years ago and have been working at Penberthy for the last twelve months,” said Pete. “I really enjoy going back to basics and making delicious, wholesome food from scratch.

“As a team, Hayley, Andy and I get on very well. The atmosphere is great and we’re mutually supportive. I’d never worked in a care home before coming here but the feedback we get makes everything worthwhile.”

Hayley Blessed joined Penberthy eighteen months ago after more than two decades working in different aspects of hospitality. She is now known as the team’s baking supremo – a surprising accolade for someone who hadn’t baked before.

“I’d done a lot of cooking in schools and holiday parks but that hadn’t involved any baking so, when I started at Penberthy, my new boss insisted I spend my first week making cakes. It was quite a shock, but I really got into it and absolutely love baking now. I was the one who made the Union Jack flan.”

Penberthy, which looks after up to 34 people with different types of dementia and personal care needs, is one of sixteen homes run by Cornwall Care. The charity also runs a network of community outreach services.

“It’s so important for people to eat well and that’s why we consider good catering a vital part of the service we provide,” said Cornwall Care CEO Anne Thomas.

“The wonderful dishes prepared to mark recent events at Penberthy are a very good representation of our in-house talent.

“The pandemic has made life extraordinarily difficult but food like that helps make everyone feel better.”