Enjoy greater freedom, but keep Covid out

Enjoy greater freedom, but keep Covid out

By CEO, Anne Thomas

There’s a definite feel of freedom in the air this week but, wonderful as it is to be able to meet friends outside, enjoy an indoor swim or have a self-catering bubble holiday, I have to urge caution.

The virus is still out there. Even with vaccinations and much more access to rapid testing, now is not the time to relax our guard or assume another wave won’t happen.

My team have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to keep the vulnerable people we support and care for as safe as possible. Infection control remains of paramount importance and we are following government guidance to the letter. That means our residents can now have two pre-booked visitors at a time who are tested on arrival and are suitably dressed to provide adequate protection.

I’m pleased to say we don’t have any current Covid outbreaks in our homes. Far from making us complacent, however, that fact alone should make us even more alert to potential risk. All it takes is for one infected person to start a viral spread. Whilst the vaccine programme undoubtedly represents a huge step forward in controlling this pandemic, it isn’t infallible. One death from this horrible disease will always be one death too many.

COVID shutterstock_1716104428 NO COPY.jpgCovid has changed the way we live and is likely to carry on doing so for some time to come.

Let’s enjoy our new freedoms but remember what being without them is like.

We don’t want another lockdown so please, let’s be careful.