Feet tapping fun at Cedar Grange

Feet tapping fun at Cedar Grange

Posted by admin on July 20,2017

Our residents at Cedar Grange, our nursing home in Launceston, had a wonderful time recently, enjoying a musical performance by Richard the ‘Music Man’.

Richard is a musical performer who plays multiple instruments and has taught music for many years. He performs at festivals, pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other venues across the South West. He has learnt to play music in a wide range of styles and genres, including soul, jazz, country, wartime, film, songs of praise and more.

The aim of Richard’s sessions is to ‘create a positive, peaceful and joyful atmosphere’ combining ‘great quality with great variety’, tailoring his sessions to the occasion and setting that he is performing in.

“He plays the violin and is so lovely with the residents. He gets them involved, guessing tunes, and he talks about his family and wife but in little short bursts so as to keep the interest and concentration amongst the residents fresh.”
Alison Venning, Customer Relations Administrator at Cedar Grange

Our residents at Cedar Grange really enjoyed the morning, finding his performance fun and engaging; some played ‘Guess the Tune’, listening to the tune and then joining each other to sing a line from it, while others clapped and danced along.

“He comes dressed very smartly. He near brought me to tears when he did a rendition of ‘The Snowman’ with his violin. The sound was so crisp and clear it was truly magical, in fact I recorded part of it on my phone to play to my blind Uncle. I would recommend him to other homes. He is pure entertainment but a very humble guy who is respectful of the clientele he is entertaining.”
Alison Venning, Customer Relations Administrator at Cedar Grange

Putting on musical activities and entertainment is an important part of our activities calendars in our homes because of the therapeutic benefits it can have. It can stimulate movement, communication and speech, as well as encourage social interaction.

To find out more about Cedar Grange, please click here.

To find out more about Richard the Music Man, you can visit his website www.manofmusic.co.uk or email him at manofmusic.info@yahoomail.com

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