Getting wet to go the extra mile

Getting wet to go the extra mile

Posted by admin on December 12,2019

I want to share two magical stories with you. Both happened last week in homes where our Cornwall Care team look after people with dementia. For me, they are perfect examples of what good care means.

The first concerns a resident who used to be a window cleaner. He gets very anxious and unsettled so, to help him feel calmer, one of our carers suggested cleaning some of the home’s windows together. They both got very wet and I’m not sure the windows looked any better afterwards but the smile and look of happiness on that man’s face made any resulting mess totally worthwhile.

The second story is about another resident who has developed a real fear of water but desperately needed a shower. Despite everyone’s best efforts, he couldn’t be persuaded to have one – until, that is, the manager turned up in a swimming costume. She had gone back to her house specially to get it and, suitably attired, was able to coax him gently under the water with her. Refreshed and clean, he couldn’t thank her enough.

I’m very proud of our staff who continually go the extra mile – often in very creative and original ways – to ensure people feel safe and cared for. Such dedication and commitment are a cause for celebration. I’m well aware there are many other stories like these that I never get to hear about so, on behalf of all the people you are supporting, thank you.