Headlands residents enjoy making bird treats

Headlands residents enjoy making bird treats

Posted by admin on July 13,2017

Residents at Headlands make bird treats for the garden

Some of our residents at Headlands recently spent their morning making bird treats for the variety of birds that visit or live in their garden.

They sat around a table with their cups of tea and bird mixture in bowls and discussed how best to create their works of art!

Some decided on the traditional route of round balls but others decided to go one step further and create a bird treat in the shape of a Christmas tree. She looked so pleased with herself – and so she should be. Look at that lovely design. That should bring a chirp to the birds’ beaks!

There are many benefits of feeding birds – from insect control (feeding birds in your garden also invites them to feast on the insects, worms, snails and spiders in your landscape) to interacting with nature. For many people the birds they see at their feeders may be the only wild animals they have the chance to interact with. This is an ideal activity for the more senior amongst us or for those with limited mobility.

All in all, a lovely activity to undertake and the birds reap the benefits too.

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