Headlands find a couple of strangers in their manger!

Headlands find a couple of strangers in their manger!

Posted by admin on December 5,2018

Christmas Nativity celebrations got off to a furry start at Headlands.

The plans for putting up Christmas decorations and nativity scenes have already begun and as you can see, two little moggies have been taking turns to sit in the mangers overnight.

Freddie and Simba are residents at Headlands. Our residents love having them around and the added benefit of being in the company of cats can be that anxiety and stress levels are lowered plus a special connection between the cat and our residents can be made.

Christmas story

According to tradition Mary and Joseph (the parents of Jesus) arrived in Bethlehem the local inn was already full with people returning for the census. The innkeeper let them stay in the rock cave below his house which was used as a stable for his animals. It was here, with the animals, that Mary gave birth to her son and laid him in a manger.

How Christians celebrate Christmas

  • The story of Jesus' birth (the nativity) is often retold by children through 'Nativity Plays'
  • Church services often include carol singing - these are happy songs which tell the Christmas story.
  • Some Christians start Christmas Day with a midnight communion service (midnight mass).
  • The celebration of Christmas is often accompanied by the giving and receiving of presents and cards. This reminds Christians of the gift of Jesus, the son of God, beginning his earthly life.

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