Sunflower competition at Headlands

Sunflower competition at Headlands

Posted by admin on April 5,2019

A large stretch of ground has been dug over at the bottom of the garden at Headlands in preparation for our upcoming competition on growing the tallest sunflower.

To find out more about this competition, ring 01736 795769 and speak to the administrator or activity co-ordinator.

Some useful tips from The Royal Horticultural Society

Sunflowers can be sown straight into the ground where they are going to flower, so make sure the space you are going to sow is weed free, by using a trowel to remove the weeds.

Rake the soil to a fine crumble texture and make some drills 12mm deep. Leave a 10cm space between each seed. To read more on how to grow sunflowers, go to: 

To find out more about Headlands and what we can offer you and your loves ones, please go to:

Who will win the tallest sunflower competition?