Making a difference with twiddle muffs

Making a difference with twiddle muffs

Twiddle Muff Sheila.jpgWhen keen knitter Sheila Humphreys, from St Cleer, heard about twiddle muffs, she knew she had to help out and make some.

Designed specifically for people with dementia, twiddle muffs keep restless hands busy, whilst also keeping them snug and warm.

“I was chatting with friends two years ago and one of them, Jean, has a daughter who works as a nurse in Essex,” said Sheila. “The daughter wanted some twiddle muffs for a doctor who was doing a study into their benefits, so I got the pattern and started knitting. I became completely hooked and haven’t stopped since.

“When the doctor had enough for his research, I started looking at what I could do locally. Cornwall Care has a home in Liskeard and loved the idea of twiddle muffs. They have already had about 10 from me and want to have more which is lovely.”

Each muff has bits and pieces attached for the wearer to fiddle with – providing important visual, tactile and sensory stimulation. Little zips, bells, earrings with their backs removed, brooches and even keyrings are amongst the many items Sheila has sewn on.

“When we’re not in lockdown, I love visiting local charity shops to see what I can find and my daughter, Joanne, sends me little things she spots in Swindon where she lives. Friends have very generously donated wool too.

“Making twiddle muffs gives me great pleasure and I’m really glad they help someone smile and give them a little comfort.”

“Generosity like this is hugely appreciated and we’re really grateful to Sheila for the time and effort she puts into making twiddle muffs,” said Cornwall Care CEO Anne Thomas. “They really do make a difference and we’d be delighted if other people want to make some for us as well.”

For further information and a pattern, please email