Mountford awarded gold standard for end of life care

Mountford awarded gold standard for end of life care

Posted by admin on May 3,2017

We are delighted to announce that Mountford, our nursing home in Truro, has been presented with a national award after showcasing a gold standard of care for residents.

Staff at Mountford nursing home’s dedication to providing the highest level of support for the elderly has been recognised with the Quality Hallmark Award, presented by the National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Centre, the UK’s largest provider of training in end of life care.

Our team at Mountford look after those suffering with long term health conditions including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, dementia and heart failure.

To receive the accreditation, the 36-bed property underwent a rigorous GSF inspection programme, looking at 20 quality standards from compassionate and dedicated end of life care to symptom control, respect of residents and strong leadership.

Mountford received the plaque as part of the GSF Quality Hallmark Awards recently and have given it pride of place at the entrance to the care home.

"The staff, residents and their families are absolutely delighted with the accreditation. We knew we were able to deliver great care but to have an industry-leading independent organisation say we are at that level is high praise indeed.
This shows just how professional and dedicated our entire team is at making sure each of our residents enjoy individual, fantastic care. Attending the awards event was incredible; it is all about celebrating life and living well until the end.” 
Annie Scott, senior nurse at Mountford

Every member of staff at Mountford, from nurses to the Activities Co-ordinator and catering team, are involved in regular reviews with residents. All aspects of their needs are considered including spiritual beliefs, personal interests and care preferences. Staff talk with the residents about their end of life care, giving them the opportunity to make decisions about what they want. This has helped the residents and their families to feel secure that they will be comfortable and their choices considered at all times.

“As people approach the end of their lives they want to be cared for in familiar surroundings, by people who know and understand their wishes. By engaging all of their residents and their families in detailed conversations about these wishes, allied with a passion for fulfilling them, Mountford is an exemplar for care homes across the UK.”
Annabel Foulger, GSF Social Care Programmes Manager        

“Only providers that put the wishes and preferences of every individual in their care at the heart of everything they do, will truly deliver quality care through the duration of their stay. It is a genuine privilege to have been able to present the GSF Quality Hallmark awards in the knowledge that all of the successful homes are truly dedicated to providing genuine person-centred, compassionate care right up until the end of their residents’ life.”
Ian Turner, chairman of the Registered Nursing Home Association who has previously handed out accolades to providers

Almost 3,000 care homes have completed the GSF Care Homes programme since it was launched in 2004 and 600 have gone on to become accredited.

The award is also recognized by the Care Quality Commission inspectorate (CQC), which is responsible for observing standards in nursing homes.

We are delighted to receive this award and would like to thank everyone at Mountford for their dedication and hard work.



The Gold Standards Framework gives outstanding training to all those providing end of life care to ensure better lives for people and recognised standards of care. The GSF Care Homes Training Programme started in 2004 and is the biggest and most comprehensive programme to improve care at the end of life.

Staff in accredited homes say GSF has helped them feel better equipped to deal with the challenging task of looking after patients until they die by providing a framework for identifying, and then planning and assessing the care of those people in the last years of life.

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