Donkey love at Mountford

Donkey love at Mountford

Posted by admin on February 13,2020

At Mountford, we have a gentle lady resident (DK) who has a passion for donkeys.

In the past she often visited her local donkey sanctuary. She took blankets and food with her each time for the gorgeous animals. One day, one of our lovely carers decided that she would surprise DK by adopting a donkey for our resident.

She came in on her day off to present her with a beautiful framed photograph of Doris the Donkey and an adoption certificate as well. DK was absolutely delighted and made everyone cry with her absolute excitement of owning her very own donkey. We think that was such a lovely thing to do. Our residents mean the world to us and we try and go the extra mile to ensure they all feel special.

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Gorgeous Doris the Donkey!