Greenhouse squabbles at Mountford!

Greenhouse squabbles at Mountford!

Posted by admin on February 13,2020

At Mountford we have a lovely greenhouse in our sensory garden, this is predominately used by one of our female residents (DH), who tends to her flowers and plants daily.

Recently a new male resident (TT) came to live with us. He also loves his gardening and was desperate to share the greenhouse and carry on his passion. Our lovely DH did not really appreciate the fact that she would have to share the beloved greenhouse so our wonderful senior nurse came to the rescue! She ordered a DIY greenhouse that could go alongside the main one. Now both residents can pot their plants to their hearts content.

Gardening can provide a fantastic opportunity for stimulation of all the senses. There are the sensations of touch – soil and flowers or the feel of the sun or rain. There is also the visual stimulation side – the colours and shapes, sunlight, as well as the wildlife a garden can offer. There are many physical benefits too including improved dexterity skills and exercise through potting, planting, digging and weeding, not to mention improved sleep too. I can see why our residents would love this hobby.

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