My Moments Award - Paula Reynolds

My Moments Award - Paula Reynolds

Posted by admin on February 14,2017

My Moments - presentation pose (600w).jpgWe want our individuals to be appreciated for the exceptional things they do.

My Moments is one of the ways we recognise and reward the teams and individuals who have gone to extraordinary lengths to make a difference in someone's life, to the care sector or to our services.

Whether it is a member of staff, a resident, or one of their loved ones, My Moments celebrates the people that make Cornwall Care so special.

We were delighted to present Paula Reynolds with a My Moments Award on Monday 13th February.

Paula works in our Supported Living team and was nominated by Sam Collins, our Home Care Manager, "for the extra she does on behalf of staff and clients in Supported Living".

 "Paula has worked tirelessly to ensure the [Supported Living] clients get the support they need. The nature of the service means that there are significant pressures on all of the team but Paula continues to work in a way that promotes client choice, despite the complexities and challenges they face."
Sam Collins, Home Care Manager

This is what some of her colleagues had to say about her:

"I would like to say that Paula has always been very supportive and no matter how busy she is always finds the time to speak to you and ensure that you do not feel alone."
Michelle Brown

"Paula was my support and guidance when coming into my role with Supported Living. Without her, I would have been unable to develop and progress as I have. She is hard-working, dedicated and always has the best interests of her clients and staff at the forefront. She is realistic, down-to-earth and knowledgeable."
Sarah Devine

"All the team here at AG understand the hard work that Paula does. We all appreciate it."
Zac Kane

"Both Paula and Jason have done a fabulous job in the past year maintaining Supported Living. They have both been under immense pressure trying to do their jobs daily and still being able to support their teams of staff. They are both extremely hard working and dedicated to Supported Living and deserve recognition for their hard work. It is most appreciated by all of us."
Tim Hawes

Robert Black, CEO and Sam Collins, Home Care Manager, presented Paula with some flowers and some Diving Shop vouchers to thank her for all her hard work.

Thank you Paula, we appreciate everything you do!

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