Our training and outstanding staff awards made me feel very proud

Our training and outstanding staff awards made me feel very proud

Posted by admin on November 20,2019

CEO Anne Thomas

There are moments when your heart seems to be bursting with wonder, tears of joy are blurring your vision and the smile on your face is so broad it almost hurts. That is how I felt at this year’s training and outstanding staff awards and I honestly couldn’t have been happier – or more proud.

I joined Cornwall Care as CEO just over a year ago and, in that time, have seen our wonderful organisation go from strength to strength thanks to the tireless commitment and boundless enthusiasm of the people looking after the many people in all parts of the county who need our help.

It isn’t an easy job, but the rewards are huge. Who wouldn’t be moved when an elderly person with dementia suddenly takes an interest in new surroundings thanks to a well-planned outing or a previously bed-bound resident regains some mobility thanks to the right chair and a carer who understands the benefits getting around can bring?

Cornwall Care is all about human kindness, consideration and compassion. It is also about skills and knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest information and technology so we can better understand and support the many elderly and vulnerable people in our homes and their homes who need our services.

Whilst looking after our clients in the best way possible is of paramount importance, so too is looking after ourselves. By valuing and respecting each other, we become a much more efficient and empathetic team. Our ‘we care’ culture doesn’t just cover what we do on a day-to day basis but how we do it. Are we listening to each other? Are we open to new ideas? What changes could we make to improve?

There is nothing more uplifting than hearing someone laugh because they are happy and our awards ceremony at Eden was full of laughter, fun and a strong sense of personal achievement. It was wonderful to watch our Learning and Development Manager Emma Mansfield congratulate all the staff who have worked hard in the last year to pass a range of professional qualifications that will help them help others more effectively – whilst also giving their own careers a boost.

It was similarly amazing to hear the well-deserved and enthusiastic applause for those shortlisted for outstanding service. 643 initial nominations were whittled down to 43 finalists and eleven category winners. The sense of excitement and immense pride was palpable and I would like to thank everyone involved in making the occasion such a memorable celebration.


I believe getting together when we can and acknowledging the part we all have to play in making Cornwall Care an exemplar of good practice is vital. We should be here for each other and here for our clients and their families. To earn trust, we have to show integrity, be patient, act professionally and, above all, express our humanity. I see evidence of those qualities every working day at Cornwall Care. As a team of inspiring individuals, you really are making a difference. Thank you.