Christmas fun at Penberthy

Christmas fun at Penberthy

Posted by admin on December 31,2019

Christmas at Penberthy was very festive. The husband of one of our HCA3s – Trish Nelmes – came in dressed as Santa and handed out presents to every single resident.

They were so pleased to see Santa and receive the gifts. Trish’s lovely children came with her and danced and chatted with the residents which again they loved. All staff attended on the day to ensure our residents had a wonderful day.

Lara Hicks came dressed as Marry Christmas. Richard, Bev and Haley made the most amazing Christmas lunch which everyone complimented them on. We invited Michael Carmen to come in for Christmas lunch as his wife was a resident here until she passed away last July and he would have been on his own for Christmas.

We invited George Warner’s daughter and son-in-law for Christmas dinner and gave them a private table in the sun lounge so they could also spend time as a family and lots of other families also came in to visit. Our staff worked so hard to ensure that the residents had the best Christmas possible.

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Wow, look at these great costumes!