Redannick raised funds for a Smart TV

Redannick raised funds for a Smart TV

Posted by admin on March 28,2018

Angie, our administrator, decided that the residents needed a TV - but not just any TV. It was her passion to raise enough funds to buy a 65” HD-ready Smart TV!

Angie felt that a large TV which resembled a cinema screen would enhance the residents’ viewing while watching their chosen film. The cinema experience would be carried through by offering the residents some ice cream and popcorn which could help to bring back childhood memories.

So Angie started a coffee morning once a month to raise funds and also to welcome new families into the Redannick home. These coffee mornings gave the families a chance to support each other at those times when they were feeling sad about not being able to look after their loved ones themselves.

Angie needed to raise £600 for the Smart TV. She initially managed to raise £300 then a family member donated £100. Then as luck would have it, an anonymous donor gave £200 to the funds which made up the shortfall and enabled Redannick to buy their huge TV.

We cannot thank the donors enough for their generosity. Thanks also goes out to Angie who set the ball rolling. It’s also given Angie other ideas too - there’s no stopping her now!

The new TV was mounted on the wall the day it arrived and a little ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion. Residents had a glass of wine to celebrate and Jo Collings (a member of staff) said: “The residents really enjoyed watching a film on the new big TV over the weekend, it was amazing.”

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