Redannick take delivery of their ‘Magic Table’

Redannick take delivery of their ‘Magic Table’

Posted by admin on January 24,2020

We were so delighted to take delivery of our very own ‘magic table’ here at Redannick recently.

On 22 January, we had the official handover day which was attended by one of our new Non-Executive Directors – Heather Mullin, seen here with the short blonde hair and orange coloured boots. We would like to thank Heather for attending the presentation, it was lovely for our residents and staff to meet you.

How we found the funds

We managed to buy this brilliant interactive ‘magic table’ in part due to the JustGiving campaign we set up last year to help buy this wonderful tool for our residents to enjoy. Some of the money was donated by the families of our residents and we would like to extend our gratitude to them and to the others listed below too. If it wasn’t for these fabulous people, we would not have been able to purchase this amazing piece of equipment.

Others who donated were:

  • Hayley and Sean who took part in the Hastings marathon and got the ball rolling by raising funds of approx. £3,000!
  • Leonie Glinski, who is the daughter of our manager Karen, ran up the Matterhorn and raised £800!
  • The family of the late K Bailey donated £2,000!
  • Various other people gave smaller donations which helped to take the total up to the amount we needed to buy this interactive tool. Sally and Angie raised the remaining funds through fetes/gifts and the local Mayor’s day they attended. Thank you to everyone who donated, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Benefits of Mobii interactive ‘magic table’

The Mobii interactive floor/table won the National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award 2018 for the many opportunities the system brought people at all stages of dementia. Designed in-house as a fully portable projection system with one button height adjustment, it can be taken to wherever it is needed and project onto bedsides, dining tables and floors, making it a truly inclusive system with inter-generational appeal.

Some of the benefits reported by homes, centres and hospitals using our interactive floor/table:

  • Greater socialisation, willingness to communicate
  • Obvious enjoyment and shared laughter
  • More flexibility and upper body movement/coordination
  • Sustained moments of lucidity and brightness
  • Improved relationships with peers and staff
  • Raised well-being levels and improved emotional stability
  • More motivation to stand up, stretch and physically participate
  • Greater opportunities to share personal stories
  • Staff get to know the person behind the dementia
  • Families enjoy joint activities without the pressure of finding words
  • Can be a calming or stimulating activity with a wide choice of moods
  • Opportunity for home members to entertain, independent of staff.
  • Flexibility of floor, table and bedside use making it fully inclusive
  • More spontaneous singing!

Information was taken from Mobii website:

We think you’ll agree that it is money well spent. Our residents will gain a lot from having this marvellous ‘magic table’.

To find out more about Redannick and what we can offer you and your loved ones, please go to:

Thank you to Heather Mullins, one of our new Non Executive Directors for being part in this wonderful presentation.