Trek up Mount Fiji was a huge success

Trek up Mount Fiji was a huge success

Posted by admin on September 6,2019

Redannick Leoni's trek-5.jpg  Leoni Glinksi, daughter of Karen –
  our manager at Redannick – did an
  extraordinary thing recently. She
  trekked up Mount Fiji to help raise
  funds for our residents’ amenities

  Leoni managed to finish the 19k run
  in 3 hours and 7 minutes which was
  better than she thought she would do
  so is very pleased with the result.

  She also raised the huge sum of
  £750 which I’m sure you’ll agree is
  absolutely amazing! Leoni would like 
to thank everyone who donated. She said it was a challenging but great experience and the views were beautiful.

Everyone at Redannick is so very thankful to Leoni for undertaking such a challenge and raising funds for us. We’re sure that Karen is very proud of her lovely daughter. We would like to say a massive thank you to Leoni – you are awesome.

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Leoni undertook a huge challenge and completed
it with a smile on her face.

Well done Leoni, we are proud of you!