Valentine’s Day celebrations at Redannick

Valentine’s Day celebrations at Redannick

Posted by admin on February 18,2019

Our residents and staff had a wonderful time recently celebrating Valentine’s Day at Redannick.

Linda and Louise made their aprons from table mats and had matching name tags for the table service. Karen and Pip brought in some garden tables from outside so that romantic meals for each family could be arranged.

Tracey and Hayley sat with their mum at their table and also invited other residents to sit with them so nobody was left sitting on their own.

Linda and Angela ensured that all wings were decorated with hearts and flowers and other Valentine-themed decorations. The gorgeous table centre was made by two of our residents, Judith and Pauline. We think it looks brilliant.

The pink heart-shaped sweets were peppermint flavoured and made by the residents. The fairy buns were also made by the residents and were enjoyed by all.

Entertainment was by our regular singer, Amanda Bilkey and she was fantastic as she usually is. To see the happy expressions on our residents’ faces made our day. Everyone told us how lovely the place looked and thanked us for making the day so special for them.

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