ROC (Reliance on Carer) embedded across Cornwall Care

ROC (Reliance on Carer) embedded across Cornwall Care

Posted by admin on June 12,2019

Cornwall Care are leading the way in helping to showcase the benefits of the new evidence-based Hydration Care Dependency Tool called ROC (Reliance on a Carer).

This tool has been designed specifically for elderly care. ROC in practice is remarkably simple. It uses the very familiar ‘red, amber, green’ traffic light rating system to indicate high, medium or low level of risk which in turn reflects the equivalent level of care needed.

It highlights the amount of ‘hands on care’ that is consistently required to help ensure people stay as well hydrated and nourished as possible. ROC demonstrates a working grid of support and this will directly benefit our resident’s immediate health and wellbeing.

As an organisation Cornwall Care has always been committed to delivering excellent care and we firmly believe this new dependency tool will be of benefit to all our service users. As such we have taken an executive decision to embed ROC across all our services this year and have already started to roll out ROC across all our 16 care homes.

To support us with this process, we are delighted to be partnering with the Cornish based company Hydration Care Consultancy (HCC) which was founded in 2018 by Naomi Campbell. Naomi is the creator and sole provider of the ROC system and her inspiring and pragmatic approach is already supporting care provider organisations and commissioners to work together to ensure safe, high quality, cost-effective care.

Naomi’s ultimate mission is to ensure future generations of elderly and vulnerable people always receive the correct level of safe, dignified support and to inspire people of all ages to want a long-term career in elderly care. To achieve this goal she advocates the urgent need for sustainable funding, safe staffing levels and improved education and training for hydration and nutrition care.

We are overjoyed to be working with Naomi and her team, but more importantly look forward to providing a higher level of support via the tool to our residents.

One of the posters that will be displayed across Cornwall Care's services as a reminder to take regular sips.