Cornwall Care residents enjoy drum therapy

Cornwall Care residents enjoy drum therapy

Posted by admin on July 10,2017

Residents across Cornwall Care’s residential and nursing homes regularly enjoy various activities and events, but musical therapy sessions are by far the favourite.

Drums Up, founded by Paul Vermette, music facilitator, provides interactive rhythm therapy sessions. Using instruments such as drums and tambourines, Paul engages residents, helping them to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as promoting health and well-being. Paul is passionate about offering people the opportunity for more than just fun; he helps them to “become more of who they are”.

Paul’s interactive rhythm therapy sessions are a massive hit across our homes and have been a great success in the wider community as well. He is now training new facilitators to grow the business and provide the therapy further afield.

Recently, Paul has visited residents at Woodland in St Austell and Trewartha in Carbis Bay, but he has also made regular appearances across our other homes as well. Residents often describe him as an entertainer, but what he does is much more therapeutic than that. The drumming aids communication and can particularly help people with dementia to connect with their bodies and the people around them. It can help them to focus, ‘lighting their faces with smiles and joy’.

“We have Paul at Woodlands once every three months as he is so stimulating. Our residents all thoroughly look forward to his performances. By the end of the last session we had, every member of staff, visitor and resident that was able was up on their feet dancing!”
Lisa Flowers, Manager at Woodland

The lady pictured holding the tambourine on her head struggles with communication, but the musical therapy of Drums Up allows her to express herself and participate in an activity that she would usually find very difficult to understand.

At Trewartha, the transformation in residents is obvious too. Many of the people who are usually quiet and reserved become animated and lively, banging the drums and humming along to the rhythmic tunes. Cynthia, one of the residents at Trewartha, loves Paul’s visits so much that despite having dementia she recognises him immediately and 'makes a beeline for him'. She then stands next to him while he plays and sings beautifully into a microphone for all the residents to enjoy.

Being a part of Paul’s sessions is a truly heart-warming and emotional experience because you see people come out of their shells and blossom, connecting with each other, the instruments and themselves in a wonderful way.

Cornwall Care would recommend Paul Vermette and Drums Up for other care homes too; every session is a gift and is “worth every penny”.

Any monies raised from fundraising in Cornwall Care’s homes goes towards activities, entertainment and therapy sessions such as this.

Find out more about Drums Up here.

If you would like to donate to one of Cornwall Care’s homes, please get in touch with the home manager of the home you would like to support. You can find out more about our homes here.


Woodland, St Austell:

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Trewartha, Carbis Bay:

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