Residents get crafty at Pengover

Residents get crafty at Pengover

Posted by admin on July 20,2017

At Pengover, our purpose-built nursing home in Liskeard, our lovely residents have been enjoying various activities and entertainment. 

There are many spaces in Pengover that are ideal for reading, relaxing, watching films or television, having conversations with friends and relatives, as well as taking part in the activities that have been organised. Residents have a choice of what they want to do, whether that is taking a stroll in the garden or taking part in the list of activities organised by our staff, or anything in between.

Recently, our residents at Pengover have enjoyed various craft sessions, including getting stuck into making some beautiful bouquets for the home in a flower arranging session, decorating some yummy cupcakes and doing a spot or two of drawing.

Taking part in activities is encouraged across our homes and our staff do their best to provide as many activities as they can, working around the individuals that they care for.

For the residents that get involved, it can be a very therapeutic, engaging and social occasion. It also helps create a family atmosphere, where everyone has an opportunity to put his or her personal stamp on the home.

Art can be a great way of exercising the hands and can have brilliant benefits to mental wellbeing, keeping the mind active and engaged by being creative.

At Cornwall Care, we love to see our residents having a good time, getting involved in events and activities. Seeing them smiling and laughing together is what makes working in care so rewarding. Improving people’s lives with love and fun.

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