St Breock’s visit to Padstow School

St Breock’s visit to Padstow School

Posted by admin on March 9,2018

The residents of St Breock were recently taken to Padstow School to meet the pupils and have some refreshments.

The children were keen to show their history books to the residents. They wanted to share their work on the Romans. The children were interested in finding out more about the residents and asked what they did in the past. One of the lads asked one of the carers how old she was and what she did for a living. When she replied that she currently worked at St Breock he said ‘Oh, I thought you were one of the group’. Well I suppose anyone over the age of 25 looks old to a young child!

Two teachers and a nursery nurse were amongst the group that visited the school and it was lovely to see them interact with an age group that had been a huge part of their lives. The residents and school children also made refreshments, focaccia bread and scones together.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the children were genuinely interested in their visitors. In fact they were so keen to speak to them, they waited patiently in a queue. All in all, it was a lovely day for all those involved.

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