Pasties, ale and pancakes at Woodland House

Pasties, ale and pancakes at Woodland House

Posted by admin on March 7,2019

On 5 March, our residents and staff at Woodland House enjoyed a day of ‘March madness’ celebrating both St Piran’s Day and Pancake Day.

Our day started off with making pasties for a pasty competition which was judged by our kitchen staff. We had Cornish music playing throughout the day. Over lunch we enjoyed some Cornish ale and cider and enjoyed some delicious pancakes which we made for dessert. This was followed by a competition to see who could flip the pancake the most times in 30 seconds which produced some very impressive scores!

Our day finished off with an ‘all things Cornwall’ quiz just for fun. We had such a marvellous day filled with laughter and chat about memories of celebrations through the years.

Thank you to all those who helped organise this wonderful day.

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These pasties look brilliant!