Demonstration of magic table at St Breock

Demonstration of magic table at St Breock

Posted by admin on March 14,2019

On Thursday 14 March, St Breock held a demonstration of the ‘magic table’ OMI projector system.

Residents, families, friends and residents from the local community of Wadebridge were invited to come along to watch or interact with this wonderful, innovative tool.

We held this demonstration to try out the ‘magic table’ with our residents and also to show any potential donors how important it is that we raise the necessary funds to buy this dementia-friendly equipment.

One of our other homes, The Green in Redruth, already has one of these systems in place and it has been a huge success. Our residents absolutely love it and gain great rewards from interacting with the various software provided.

Healthcare professionals have witnessed some very positive changes in those who have used these systems such as emotional stability, social involvement and a sense of self-worth and belonging.

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To view a video of our residents at St Breock interacting with this fabulous tool, please click here:

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