Resident from St Breock had fun in the snow

Resident from St Breock had fun in the snow

Posted by admin on February 4,2019

Betty Hancock was so overjoyed to see the snow last week that she braved the cold weather to go outside for a snowball fight.

Betty, who is one of our lovely residents living at St Breock, said she loves the crisp sound that snow makes when moved around on and really didn’t think she would ever see snow again. It was so heart-warming to see her looking so happy.

Incidentally, being outside in winter can combat depression in some people and exercise and sunlight together can get your blood flowing which provides organs with much needed nutrients to give us energy. I think Betty reaped the benefits in more ways than one!

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Our lovely Betty who thought she would never see snow again. She was overjoyed to be proved wrong Smile