St Breock's trip to Padstow Vintage Rally

St Breock's trip to Padstow Vintage Rally

Posted by admin on July 10,2018

St Breock take a trip down memory lane

Residents and staff at St Breock recently visited Padstow Vintage Rally. Residents Joyce, Tom and Bill attended with Cornwall Care staff Janice, Pauline and Jessie. Each resident had their own memories of a bygone era and really enjoyed reminiscing and looking at all the vintage vehicles displayed.

Bill is photographed beside an engine called William which as I’m sure you will agree, is a great name for an engine! Bill had his first ever slush puppy at the rally and really enjoyed it.  Joyce is photographed with a car she recognised as a type she owned with her husband many years ago and Tommy loved the day – he is interested in all things mechanical.

All in all it was a very successful, enjoyable day. Here's to the next trip out!

To find out more about Padstow Vintage Rally and Country Fair, go to: where you will see some great examples of vintage machines.

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