Karen from Penberthy is cooking up a storm!

Karen from Penberthy is cooking up a storm!

Posted by admin on July 18,2018

Karen from the catering team was recently given an award for all the support she has given Penberthy and the cooks over the last few months.

The award is also for being jolly and bringing joy to the residents through her wonderful attitude and the amazing new menus she introduces.

The award was presented to Karen by Penberthy Manager, Sam Collins (pictured in the black dress). Sue Aldridge – Deputy Manager at Penberthy said: ‘Karen has been amazing. If it wasn’t for Karen over the last few months, Sam and I would have had to cook and that would have been awful for the residents because we are terrible cooks!

Karen is always enthusiastic and works so hard. She has been a mentor to our new cook and has started rolling out the new menus here at Penberthy and the residents are loving it. Well done Karen, you really are appreciated.

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