Residents receive ‘cheer boxes’ from students at Redruth School

Residents receive ‘cheer boxes’ from students at Redruth School

Posted by admin on March 24,2020

Year 7 students at Redruth School have sent what they’ve entitled ‘cheer boxes’ to the residents of The Green.

Two boxes were made, containing activities such as word searches, homemade bingo games and books donated from the school’s library, as well as items such as crème eggs, shortbread, hand cream and face masks. Cards were also created to let the residents know that the students were thinking of them and to stay positive.

“It’s such a thoughtful idea,” said Andrea Redfern, Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Advisor for Cornwall Care. “This is a hugely worrying time for us all. With families currently unable to visit, gestures like this make all the difference to our residents.”

The boxes were dropped off at The Green in Redruth, along with an accompanying video made by the school explaining what the boxes are and allowing the residents and staff to see who had sent them.

“We’re overwhelmed with the kindness that the young people have shown,” said Manager Sam Tatum. “Especially the part of the video where the students explained that even though they don’t know us, they’re thinking of us. Honestly we’ve been in tears.”


Thank you to Year 7 students at Redruth School. Cornwall Care has invited the students to visit the care home when times improve.