Tilley's tea room at Trewartha

Tilley's tea room at Trewartha

Posted by admin on October 28,2016

Staff in garden 5.jpgJulia Tyldesley (Cornwall Care’s Manager at Trewartha) opened the afternoon with a beautiful speech, presenting bouquets of flowers to Di Webber and Wendy Mears of the Garden Club, thanking them for their hard work, and Geraldine Lavery (Board of Directors) and Dawn Matthews-Smith (Director of Operations) for attending.

“Di and Wendy have helped make the garden look so beautiful again. This year the gardening club has been a huge success with flowers, fruit and vegetables in abundance. It has been a joy for our residents to get outside, get their hands dirty and feel included." Natalie Hudson, Cornwall Care’s Deputy Manager at Trewartha

The Garden Club and residents have also produced some delicious jams and cakes this year, which they are selling to raise money for future gardening projects.

It was an emotional opening, especially when Betty was presented her flowers, and a truly lovely afternoon. Lots of people turned out to support the team and residents, enjoying the delicious homemade cakes and tea in the tearoom, celebrating the moment together in their sun hats and paying their respects to the dearly departed Rex Tilley.

After the event, Betty wrote us this letter:

 `I want to say a very big heartfelt thank you to yourself and to everyone involved in yesterday’s very special Tilley’s tea room event. It was a day that I shall never forget and one which I shall always remember with great pride and love. I’m sure that Rex was watching from above and feeling very proud too. Once again Julia, many, many thanks for a very special day and also for my beautiful bouquet of flowers. With love, Betty xx`

We are delighted that she had such a wonderful day and wish to thank the team at Trewartha for making the day so special.