Trevarna residents get first vaccines

Trevarna residents get first vaccines

Trevarna, our care home in St Austell, has become one of the first in the country to vaccinate residents against the Covid virus.

Trevarna specialises in looking after people in need of full-time nursing and residential support. Now, thanks to the close working relationship between Trevarna staff and the local GP surgery, all but 4 of the home’s 52 residents have now been immunised.

“The vaccinations went really well and we’re delighted that the majority of our residents have been given the first stage of Covid protection,” said Trevarna Service Manager Sharon Cartmel. “Four people couldn’t have it because of the severe allergic reactions they suffer but everyone else has been given the Pfizer injection.”

“Like all social care providers, we’ve had to adapt to continuously changing public health guidance, but my team have been superb throughout and I can’t thank them enough for their dedication and commitment,” said Cornwall Care CEO Anne Thomas.

“2020 has been incredibly challenging in many different ways and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to much brighter 2021. Having the vaccine is a huge step forward but, in the short term at least, we have to maintain strict vigilance.”