Additional male orientated activities being introduced at Trevern

Additional male orientated activities being introduced at Trevern

Posted by admin on January 6,2020

Trevern’s wonderful caretaker, Sean Higgins, will be introducing more male orientated activities to our care home in 2020 and he is asking for your help in raising funds.

Trevern has over 40 male and female residents and its current activities programme caters well for our lady residents. As part of the improvement plan for 2020 we would like to introduce a wider range of activities that our gentlemen will enjoy.

In his role as caretaker, Sean wants to set up a workshop that the gentlemen (and ladies if they are interested) can use. Sean is fundraising for money to buy a large shed that can be turned into a workshop. It would accommodate a workbench and enough space for him and two residents to work in and move about comfortably and safely.

This workshop would provide huge benefits to the lives of the gentlemen and would allow them to work together on small DIY projects such as restoring old furniture and fixing items from the home itself.

The idea came about after Sean read a study on the psychology of men living in care homes. What he found was that men living with dementia in such an environment can experience a sense of loss, in both purpose and also in direction.

Our gentlemen residents tend to come from a generation where defined gender roles meant that men went to work and women stayed at home so a small workshop would provide a very positive experience for them and also give a the chance to reminisce with like-minded gentlemen whilst working on a DIY project.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please visit our JustGiving fundraising campaign page. Bring a smile to their face and feel good inside knowing that you have helped to bring about this great project:

Thank you to everyone involved and a very special thank you to Sean – you go above and beyond in your role as caretaker. You are a marvel!

To find out more about Trevern and what we can offer you and your loved ones, please go to:

Sean Higgins is asking you for your support - please donate as much as you can to help this wonderful project get off the ground!