Trevern's first radio show on Source FM 96.1

Trevern's first radio show on Source FM 96.1

Posted by admin on July 3,2018

Source FM launched a pioneering outreach programme with Trevern at 11am on 7 July 2018.

Falmouth and Penryn’s community radio station, Source FM 96.1, started broadcasting shows from its new outreach programme, Fresh Sources on July 7th. The shows are the brainchild of former Source studio manager, Jerry Padfield, who is now carrying out post-graduate research at the University of the West of Scotland into broadening participation in community radio using digital technology.

The project is an attempt to get a more diverse mix of presenters on the Source schedule, including groups who are currently under-represented in community radio such as women, people with disabilities, the over 60s and people from rural communities. The programmes feature collaborations with Trevern care home, and St Gluvias Hall in Penryn, as well as individuals. It aims to use modern digital technology and ubiquitous devices such as smartphones to create radio content.

Jerry Padfield is a familiar face to Source FM fans, as the former studio manager and sound engineer for the popular Parklive festival and is now using the experience he gained during his time at the Source to inform his academic research.

Jerry said, “community radio has a number of proven health benefits, both for the volunteers who present and on a wider community level, in terms of mental health, wellbeing and community cohesion. However, some parts of our community are currently not being adequately represented and so are not able to enjoy these benefits. The Source aims to represent the community it serves completely and this project is an attempt to address this. If you don’t hear yourself represented on the Source, we need to do something about it. Over two-thirds of us now own a smartphone, which is basically a recording studio in your pocket and we can now use these devices to create podcasts and radio shows. I’m excited to have just been awarded a PhD studentship at Falmouth University which will allow me to continue extensive research in this area.”

The first programme in the series was made in collaboration with Trevern. Over a period of two months, Jerry worked with the residents and staff of Trevern to create a radio show, “Trevern Radio Club”. Maria DiCarlo, Activities Co-ordinator at Trevern said, “it’s a great opportunity to show the wider community that people in Trevern are intelligent, funny and creative people who have a lot to share”.

The research will also potentially be useful for community radio stations across the UK, particularly in the light of recent Ofcom pronouncements promising to enforce measures to ensure a more representative make-up on the airwaves.

The programmes will be broadcast every Saturday at 11 am on Source FM 96.1, and online at

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