Penryn Junior RFC visit Trevern to bring Christmas cheer

Penryn Junior RFC visit Trevern to bring Christmas cheer

Posted by admin on December 12,2018

Penryn Junior RFC wanted to spread some Christmas cheer after Santa was very generous and left them with more chocolate Santas than they needed.

They agreed they wanted to visit a nursing home and share their gifts with residents as they thought some residents may not have any relatives or friends nearby to give them a gift for Christmas.

They chose Trevern Nursing Home in Falmouth because it is a local home run by a local charity and some members of Penryn RFC either have friends or relatives who are residents at one of the homes run by Cornwall Care.

The young players said: “We wanted to do something kind for other people and as they are old, they might not get a present and we wanted to make sure that they did.” As you can see from the photos the residents were really pleased to spend time with the boys and enjoyed eating the chocolate too!

The boys in the photos are Harry, Jake, Raylan, Daniel and Logan.