Trewartha’s Peter would have been proud

Trewartha’s Peter would have been proud

Posted by admin on March 5,2020

One of our residents at Trewartha, Cornwall Care’s home in Carbis Bay, sadly passed away recently. Peter was a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan.

A bit about Peter: Peter got engaged to his wife Joan at a Spurs match. On their wedding day in 1958 Spurs were playing against Arsenal in a cup final match. After the wedding the whole congregation rushed out of the church to go to the match!

When his son Norman was born Peter dropped his wife off at the hospital and said ‘Sorry I have to go to work’ and raced off to a Spurs match. As you can tell, Peter was a huge fan of Spurs.

To show how much of a fan Peter was, he was cremated in a blue and white coffin with the Spurs flag draped over the top.

On behalf of Peter’s family, we decided to contact the football team to let them know how big a fan Peter was. We asked if there was anything they could do for the family in his memory. In return, they sent us a signed letter by the head coach José Mourinho!

Peter’s family were overjoyed to receive this letter and decided to place the letter in Peter’s coffin with him. We would like to thank José Mourinho and also Elaine Banks (Charity Coordinator at Tottenham Hotspur), for organising this for the family. It was such a lovely gesture and something that Peter would have loved.

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Opposite: the signed letter by the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur, José Mourinho.