Pigs, rabbits and hedgehogs!

Pigs, rabbits and hedgehogs!

Posted by admin on October 17,2019

Trewartha animal visit-5.jpg Earlier this week
 Trewartha had a visit from
 Talons Owltimate  
 Encounters and the
 residents and staff
 enjoyed seeing and
 stroking a number of
lovely animals that were brought in for them 
to meet.

These included rabbits, guinea pigs, skinny pigs and hedgehogs. Some people didn’t even mind holding tarantula, lizard or snake! Animal therapy is a wonderful sensory experience for our residents to experience and really helps to improve their overall wellbeing.

Pictured are residents Iris Mathews and Dolly Siefken as well as Amy Andrews from our Flexicare service.

To find out more about Talons Owltimate Encounters, go to: https://talons.org.uk/

To find out more about Trewartha and what we can offer you and your loved ones, please go to: https://cornwallcare.com/our-homes/find-home-cornwall/trewartha-carbis-bay/