Trewartha’s Eunice – chit chats across the pond

Trewartha’s Eunice – chit chats across the pond

Posted by admin on April 1,2020

Last week, Trewartha’s resident, Eunice, received a surprise photo of her beautiful new great granddaughter Arabella.

The photo was sent via email because Eunice’s family live in Canada and it’s quicker to email than post all that way. When asked what she thought of her new great granddaughter, Eunice said “She is smashing”. Arabella is a new sister for Dominik who I’m sure is overjoyed to become a brother to her.

Eunice speaks to her family in Canada on the phone nearly every week. They were thrilled when we sent back this photo of Eunice to show them that she is happy, safe and well. It certainly put their minds at rest.

At this difficult time it is so important for our clients to keep in contact with their loved ones especially if they are not able to see them in person. Therefore, as well as helping our clients to make phone calls, we are also trialling video chats over the internet for as many clients as are able to help them to keep in touch.

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Eunice with a printout of her email and photo attachment.