Trewartha’s resident Iris has a surprise visit

Trewartha’s resident Iris has a surprise visit

Posted by admin on April 3,2020

After the government’s advice last week we sadly had to close our doors to visitors. Since then our residents have not been able to meet with their families.

Imagine our surprise when yesterday, our lovely resident Iris had a surprise visit from her husband Bob and her daughter Trish! They were outside our home and waved to her through the lounge window.

Iris is partially sighted so our staff made sure she had access to a phone so that she could also talk to her family safely from inside.

Bob and Iris have been married for over 60 years and before Iris came to live with us they had never been apart. Sadly Bob has dementia and is finding it a real struggle to come to terms with not being allowed to visit his beautiful wife.

By helping our residents and families to stay in contact we can try and ease the pain of separation. We hope and pray that lockdown is lifted soon but in the meantime, be assured your loved ones are being kept safe and are well looked after.

On another note, Trish very kindly let us borrow a digital tablet just before lockdown was announced. This tablet will help her mum keep in contact with her family over the internet. Trish also very kindly said that other residents may use the device if they need to contact relatives.

We are so grateful to Trish. Maintaining communication with the outside world is so important – now more than ever. Hygiene is also very important so the tablet is given a thorough clean between each use.

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