Karenza Quilters kindly donated some twiddle muffs and fidget mats

Karenza Quilters kindly donated some twiddle muffs and fidget mats

Posted by admin on June 30,2017

Karenza Quilters made and donated some Twiddle Muffs and Fidget Mats to help relieve some of the stress that dementia and Alzheimer's patients suffer from.

A group of members from Karenza Quilters who meet at Carnon Downs Village Hall recently got together to sew some fidget mats and knitt some twiddle muffs. They very kindly donated some to Cornwall Care and we are so grateful to them for this good deed.

Twiddle Muffs can be used by patients of brain trauma, dementia and Alzheimer's to help relieve stress. They provide sensory and tactile stimulation for restless 'fidgety' hands - both on the outer side of the knitted muff and also the inside part of the muff.

Fidget Mats are also stress relievers. Each mat has a different texture to it and has attachments to keep restless fingers busy. The patients touch and play with the attachments. A selection of different objects can be attached such as a zip, pocket, large bead on a strong cord, a tassel, a hair bobble, a curtain ring, a bow, a silky ribbon, a woollen ball, some felt shapes and various other items. No sharp objects are used - the attachments are sewn securely to the fidget mat.

The Fidget mats and twiddle muffs were made by: Anny Jeffs, Elspeth Laity, Freddy Toft, Helen Blake, Hillery Cope, Jenny Harris, Jill Lester, Kheng Choo Greenwood, Linda Mockler, Mary Dunstan, Molly Chislett and Penny Platts who started us off with the fidget mats.

To find out more about how to design and make these, go online where you will find hundreds of different designs for fidget mats and also twiddle muffs. Pinterest is a particular favourite of Karenza Quilters.