Donated Twiddle Muffs help residents with Dementia

Donated Twiddle Muffs help residents with Dementia

Posted by admin on August 1,2018

Two lovely ladies kindly donated some knitted Twiddle Muffs to our residents recently.

Six twiddle muffs were knitted and donated by a kind lady called Jan L. She was too shy to have her photo taken. The other kind lady donated over 40 to our homes. Her name is Christina Daniel (but she likes to be called Tina). Here is a photo of her with her hand knitted twiddle muffs. Wow, she has been busy!

These twiddle muffs will be sent to our homes who have residents who are living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. I’m sure they will be well loved.

What is a Twiddle Muff?
A twiddle muff is a knitted, crocheted or fabric tube with accessories (or ‘notions’) such as ribbons and buttons sewn on to them. They are usually made up of many yarn textures, with notions sewn on the inside and outside of the muff. This allows for the person’s hands to stay warm while they are able to twiddle with the ‘notions’.

How can Twiddle Muffs help people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s?
They provide sensory and tactile stimulation for restless 'fidgety' hands - both on the outer side of the knitted muff and also the inside part of the muff. For many people with Dementia, there are changes to their personalities, one of which is to become increasingly agitated.

Twiddle muffs can help ease their agitation and calm their mood by keeping their hands and minds occupied. Many hospital wards have found that the muffs have a positive effect on patients by keeping them comforted, as well as encouraging movement and brain stimulation.

We would like to extend our gratitude to both ladies for their hard work. The muffs are colourful and feel so soft, they are gorgeous! Our residents will love them!